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We embroider onto a wide range of fabrics for a variety of purposes. Make your business instantly identifiable with embroidered clothing.

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Give a truly memorable gift with personalised embroidered gifts

Personalised Items

Stuck for gift ideas? Choose personalised embroidered gifts by having names, initials or even images onto a fabric product.

A personalised gift is sentimental and personal. It’s a memento of a time or occasion, such as a wedding, christening or engagement. A gift you’ve taken the care to personalise is well thought-out, memorable, and stands the test of time. At Five Star, we specialise in personalised embroidered gifts.

As we embroider onto a wide range of fabrics, we can personalise a variety of products. From golfing accessories to dog blankets, there’s a bespoke embroidered gift for every member of the family: ideal for birthdays, Christmas, and special occasions.

For children, personalised embroidered gifts are ideal. They prevent confusion over ownership and misplaced items and are easy to find in lost property. We can personalise anything from jumpers to teddy bears, making your child’s toys and clothing easily for them to identify.

Stag or hen party? Show your solidarity with personalised T-shirts. We can embroider names, logos and images that identify your party, make you stand out in the crowds, and leave you with a memento of the weekend!

If you’d like to make your item truly personal, ask us about embroidering bespoke designs. If you’ve sketched your own logo, or would like a drawing embroidered onto a keepsake item, simply send us the image. Our careful digitising service will transform your image into a stitched design, ready for embroidery.