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We embroider onto a wide range of fabrics for a variety of purposes. Make your business instantly identifiable with embroidered clothing.

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Quality Customised School Uniforms


Make your students proud ambassadors with smart, customised school uniforms.

We embroider school logos onto clothing to provide you with a bespoke uniform range for your students. We embroider a variety of school wear from blazers to book bags to emblems and crests. Having bespoke, customised school uniforms, allows students to represent the school professionally and creates a strong sense of identity. Choosing a professional embroidery service such as Five Star, ensures that the uniforms look consistent, smart, and can be worn with pride.

Not only do embroidered logos make your school uniforms clearly identifiable, they ensure that ordering uniform from the school’s own range is simple and easy. Making sure that your school’s clothing bears its logo ensures ordering the correct items is a straightforward task for parents and guarantees that their child will arrive at school wearing the appropriate uniform.

We embroider more than just everyday school wear. We can also personalise PE kits, so your school is clearly represented when playing at other facilities. Five Star can also embroider onto cookery aprons and technology wear. Not only does this maintain a professional image throughout the school day, it also ensures that school and student property is easily identifiable.

Have you considered the senior students? Why not provide final-year students with a memorable gift in the form of a popular leavers’ hoodie, personal to their year group? We can embroider school emblems, student names and personalised messages onto the fabric. For universities, we can embroider varsity and society hoodies with both your university crest and your club’s name.

Feel free to contact us to talk about any requirements you may have.