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We embroider onto a wide range of fabrics for a variety of purposes. Make your business instantly identifiable with embroidered clothing.

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Bespoke Workwear


Promote your brand identity, and maintain a professional image, with bespoke workwear.

With an identifiable company logo on uniforms and workwear, customers instantly see you as professional and approachable. Embroidered bespoke workwear makes staff easily recognisable to customers. From retail assistants to waiters, bespoke branded clothing ensures that customers can easily identify a member of staff. This allows you to maintain high standards of customer care and make visitors confident in who to approach for help.

Working on a construction site? We can personalise a wide range of safety wear, from high-vis jackets to safety boots. Wherever your team are working, embroidered clothing allows you to advertise your brand whilst staying safe on site.  

For the healthcare and beauty industry, we can embroider uniforms with your company logo. A recognisable emblem embroidered onto a uniform is a reassuring image to be trusted and ensures professionals are easily identifiable to patients.

Whatever your industry quality, bespoke workwear that is branded presents a professional image. From a construction workforce to spa therapists, embroidered bespoke workwear entrusts your customers and reinforces your brand identity.

Of course, work uniforms are subjected to frequent washing. Whether it’s a spill of a customer’s red wine or dust and dirt from a building site, work clothing needs to stand the test of time. An embroidered logo will maintain shape, colour and style, continuing to look professional no matter what your clothing endures.

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