Five Star Embroidery & Design York

We embroider onto a wide range of fabrics for a variety of purposes. Make your business instantly identifiable with embroidered clothing.

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Embroidered & Printed Clothing

Personalised Embroidery

Personalised embroidery on clothing items raises awareness of your brand. Having bespoke embroidered or printed clothing projects a professional image and makes your team look smart and presentable. At Five Star Embroidery & Design York, we personalise clothing such as school uniforms, sportswear, corporate wear and even fabric products. This can include anything from laptop bags to horse blankets. Our precise digitising process carefully transforms your artwork into an accurate, embroidered design.

Embroidered clothing and bespoke, customised products are an ideal promotional tool across a wealth of industries. A professionally-embroidered logo ensures that your company is instantly recognisable. Whether you’re meeting clients at a corporate event or working on a construction site, customers can easily identify your business and brand.

For schools and colleges, we provide carefully-embroidered uniforms, PE kits, school bags, and more. Your students represent your organisation; ensure that they’re proud ambassadors in bespoke school uniforms. For sports teams, an embroidered logo promotes sponsorship, identifies team members on the field, and withstands muddy terrains.

Bespoke Printing

For one-time or short-term wear, a printed image is a budget-friendly option. Going on a stag weekend, and need some group shirts? Looking to personalise a T-shirt for a charity run? Need an additional rugby shirt for a one-off event? Whatever your event, short production times mean that we’re able to print your items quickly.

Customised Gifts

Looking for a gift? Ask us to personalise a product. Whether to provide a keepsake gift or a memento of a special occasion, we can embroider or print initials, logos, and personal designs onto a wealth of products.