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Wrap up Warm Winter is Coming

Wrap up Warm Winter is Coming

Brrrrr! Can you feel that cold? The days of shorts and vest tops are now long behind us, get that heating on and your thermals out, looks like we are in for a cold winter again! If it is anything like last year, this winter will be full snow, rain and ice! Are you prepared for this? Now we might be getting ahead of ourselves, after all we are only in Autumn still – however we both know how fast the weather conditions can change in England, and it very hurts to be prepared! So once again we have done our Five Star list of winter must-haves, to help you get ready for the impending winter season.


Don’t get caught in the rain, make sure you are prepared and get yourself an umbrella! It is a must have during the Autumn / Winter season, and last year we saw some of our wettest months in years, don’t let the bad weather ruin your plans – one simple umbrella can save the day!


The obvious winter essential. Wrap up warm and be cosy in a brand new winter coat! We advise a waterproof, padded coat for the best, driest and warmest results!


Grab yourself some wellington boots! This will be ideal for the snow and the rain, it will keep your feet dry and stop jack frost nipping at your toes.


Keep your head and ears warm and dry! There is nothing worse than the icy cold weather getting to your ears! Keep them toasty with one of our comfy hats.


Admit it, there is no better feeling than getting home after a long, hard day and getting into your warm, cosy Pyjamas!

All of the above can be sold and personalised by us at Five Star and can even make the perfect Christmas gift to a loved one!