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What Your Brand Colours Say About Your Business

At Five Star, we have worked with companies, teams, and schools with branding of every colour you could think of. From bright yellows and neon greens to blacks and even rainbow colours.

Colours have a significant effect on people’s emotions, by understanding the psychology around colours you may be able to increase the effectiveness of your brand and potentially grow your business simply by choosing the right colours to generate the right signals to your customers.

But what do all the different colours mean? and more importantly what does that say about your brand? Keep reading to find out more on what your brand colours say about your business.


This colour is a primary colour and is associated with solid character traits and evoking strong emotions, including passion and intensity and of course symbolising love. From a marketing perspective this works well for restaurants as can stimulate appetite and a passion for food and also urgency for sales and impulse purchases.

Brands that use this well are: McDonalds, LEGO and Heinz


Another primary colour, yellow stimulates feelings of optimism, cheerfulness and stimulates our brains encouraging thought and conversation.  Marketeers use yellow for representing optimism and youth and also to gain the attention of window shoppers.

Brands that use this well are: DHL, Hertz and Shell


The third primary colour, blue is very different to yellow and red and research has shown the colour is calming and can lower the blood pressure.   Because of this, it is best used for creating trust, security and confidence in organisations and when attracting a male audience who prefer blue to other colours. Marketing-wise it is a very corporate colour and is seen to represent brands that are trustworthy and security conscious.

Brands that use this well are: Dell, Ford and Oral-B


The colour orange gives the feelings of energy, balance and warmth but will also stimulate caution and aggression – a stable and balanced colour.  It is used in branding well where it embraces the aggression by creating a clear “call to action” for its audience by giving instruction to buy, or call.  It is also seen as friendly and trustworthy because of the balance it provides.

Brands that use this well are: Amazon, Nickelodeon and Fanta


Green is often linked with luck, health, nature and jealousy.  It can also symbolise wealth and growth.  Companies associated with green initiatives also use the colour to represent their brand.  For business, it is used to relax customers and give confidence in a brand being a leader.

Brands that use this well are: Whole Foods, Holiday Inn and BP


A popular brand colour, purple is associated with feelings of royalty, mystery and spirituality. Marketing techniques will use purple for imaginative and creative products and also to sooth or calm the audience.  Purple is therefore often used for beauty and pharmaceutical products.

Brands that use this well are: Hallmark, Cadbury and Aussie

At Five Star, our extensive range of clothing and garments are produced in a wide variety of colours, to match all branding. If you want to take a look at our clothing or need any further information, click the following link to take you to our contact page.