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Stylish Pooches

Stylish Pooches

Calling all dog lovers, have man’s best friend looking great on your walks with personalised dog jackets. Keep your dog warm and dry on those bitter winter walks with a dog jacket. Safety reflective jackets are ideal for late night walks, where your dog can be seen by passing cars. These jackets not only act as a safety clothing for your dogs, but will also protect them from rain, cold and the more likely… mud!

They are ideal for small dogs, or dogs with very thin fur as they are thermal made and will keep them warm during the cold winter months. The reflective strips and the fluorescent colours are great for if you’re walking route is off the footpath – allowing your dog to be seen and be safe. Why not make your coats even better and get them personalised? The personalised touch is a great idea if you have several dogs – then you know which jacket belongs to which pooch. But also, is great identify technique. You can embroider your name and telephone number on your dog’s coat in case of emergency. This way if you dog does go missing not only will they be easily identified by their safety jacket, but can be safety returned to their own because of the embroidery on their coats.

These coats are easily washable, and durable – so even the most adventurous of dogs cannot ruin these coats. Why not get one for your puppy? Have them looking stylist and safe and warm on their walks.