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Stuck for gift ideas – get something personal(ised)!

Stuck for gift ideas – get something personal(ised)!

Gift shopping is probably one of the most frustrating jobs, when it’s a relative or family friend you can often struggle to remember what you bought them last year or you may be clueless what to buy them because you think they have everything they need – what else could they possibly want!

Especially in the run up to the Christmas holidays, shopping centres are busy and jam-packed with shoppers, leaving you uninspired and stressed about what you are buying and for whom… Slippers, socks and chocolates can all become boring and almost unthoughtful after many years of alternating the same generic gifts.

The above are some of the main reasons why Five Star Embroidery has a range of gift ideas that you can personalise for any special occasion or person. Weddings, birthdays and Christmas gifts can be different, thoughtful and a keepsake for years to come with a personalised gift your loved ones will cherish.

A personalised gift shows you have put thought into the gesture and considered what the recipient would like, for example by adding their initials or name to a golf bag or t-shirt will really make a birthday gift different, making your loved one feel really special that you have taken the extra time and effort for their special day.

By personalising a gift, you will also make it memorable and help your loved ones remember the occasion and treasure their memories along with your unique gift. A Christening or Wedding gift with the date embroidered or printed on will give real meaning to the gift and be something they will treasure with their memories forever.

Best of all choosing a personalised gift can often make shopping easier. Its something we all have in common irrespective of age or gender. By adding our name, date of birth or initials to an item of clothing or accessory we make it personal and special. A truly unique gift that no one else will have thought of.

Here at Five Star Embroidery, we can personalise a wide range of gifts and we will help you think of ideas of how to make it special for your loved ones. Everything from golfing accessories, ladies scarves to the dogs blanket, we will help you come up with a gift that’s different and a keepsake for years to come.