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Spring Clean Your Wardrobes

Spring Clean Your Wardrobes

We are FINALLY edging into Spring, after what can only be described as the longest winter ever! Put your big coats away and get out your smaller jackets (we do live in the UK after all). Although it might not be time to get out the shorts and suncream, it might be time to declutter your wardrobe, ready for the new season.

It is far to easy to become a clothes hoarder, always telling yourself ‘i will wear this again’ even though you know you never will! Somethings in your cupboards I bet you have only ever worn once, and I can guarantee there will be things that still have the tags on. We are all guilty of this, especially for shopaholics like myself. It’s time to give your wardrobes, drawers and cupboards a spring clean and declutter. In theory, this may seem easy but when it comes down to the actual declutter, you may begin to struggle. Here are our top tips on how to make the process easier.

  • Does it still fit?
    Everyone outgrows their clothes at some point, children have growth spurts, people lose weight, clothes can shrink in the wash etc. There are many reasons why your clothes no longer fit you, and if they don’t fit you – why would you wear them? If you’re not going to wear them there is no point in keeping them. Clothes that you have outgrown are the biggest culprits of clothing boarding!
  • Is it damaged?
    Clothes are easily damaged, rips, tears, holes, discolouration, shrinking is all very common problems when it comes to clothing – especially when you have had them a while. I bet you have a shirt with holes in that you pick up from time to time to wear then put it straight back in the drawer because it is damaged when you should be putting it straight in the bin instead!
  • Is it outdated? 
    This is one for the fashion forward! Fashion trends are ever changing and often hard to keep up with, but some of us are always on trend with the latest styles. But I bet if you look in their wardrobe they have some outdated items they would never wear again! Some people even have clothes that are decades old! Even though some fashion trends of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s do often come back into style, others should be well and truly left in the past. If you have any of these clothing disasters or outdated garments – its time to get rid (shell suits I am talking about you!)
  • How many times have you worn it?
    Have you ever bought an outfit and only ever worn it once? Or maybe you have never even worn it at all! If it has been in there for more than 2 years, unworn and untouched, the realisation is you are probably never going to wear it again. These items are just taking up room in your cupboards! Time to get rid.
  • Do you even like it?
    When you pick up your dress or top and look at it and think ‘what was I thinking?’ You know you no longer need that item. If you don’t like the look, style, fit or colour then it’s highly doubtful you will choose to wear it! If you’re not going to wear it – why keep it?

There are many reasons you need to have a clothing clearout, and the great thing about making space in your wardrobe is that it gives you a great reason to have a shopping trip!

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