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Spring Clean Those Wardrobes

Spring Clean Those Wardrobes

When it comes to doing a Spring clean, most people just focus on their house, we like to focus on our wardrobes! Its time to de-clutter your life! Now we know that often it isn’t easy to throw clothes away, especially if you are a hoarder like me, but we hope that our hints and tips will help you make the process much easier.

The 1 year rule

A very simple rule, if there is a piece of clothing you haven’t worn in over a year, get rid! The chances are you will never actually wear this piece again and it is just taking up room in your wardrobe, so it is time to throw it out.


Any clothes with rips, tears or holes in is a big no no! Unless your a wiz on the sewing machine, it is best to just bin them. You were probably never going to wear them anyway, so why not make some space.

Doesn’t Fit

I bet there are plenty of clothes that either are too small or too big for you that you know you will never put on again, so why are you keeping them? If they don’t fit you anymore, there is no need to keep them.


Believe it or not some people have clothes that are years, if not DECADES old! Something you might want to keep, a wedding dress or occasion outfit for instance, but keeping clothes for the 80’s ‘just in case’ isn’t great! I bet these outdated clothes also goes against our 1 year rule too. If you look at it and cringe at the fashion mishaps it should go bye bye!

You Don’t Like It

I bet you have pieces in your wardrobe you don’t even like. You bought it online and when it arrived it looked nothing like the picture – yep, we have all been there! But you want to keep it because you spent money on it and you ‘might’ wear it. Well lets be honest that ‘might’ is actually a ‘never’, so just admit defeat and chuck it away!


Do you have that top that every time you put it on you take it straight back off after finding a mark or a stain? I bet you put it back in your cupboard though? Stop the vicious cycle and remove any stained clothing!

There are many other reasons you should have a spring clean, but we this the above 6 little guides will help make the difficult disposal process much easier! The best part is, you don’t need to chuck them away, why not give them to charity? or even sell them, one mans trash is another mans treasure after all!

All these extra room in your wardrobe is also a great opportunity to do some retail therapy. Check out our clothing range and treat yourself to a stain free outfit, in your size that you will love!