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School’s out for summer: it’s time for a new uniform

School’s out for summer: it’s time for a new uniform

The end-of-term celebrations are upon us, sports day is just around the corner, and the leavers’ parties have begun. It’s officially the end of the school term and time for the six-week summer holidays.

Six weeks can seem like a long break. However, packing July and August with holidays, family trips and summer camps means the new school term often arrives before we know it. With that, comes the panic: the need to sort out the new school uniforms in a matter of days.

At Five Star, we’re here to help you beat the stress of the end of summer. Why not be one step ahead of the crowds by ordering your child’s new school uniform before the end of term? Whether they’re heading to a brand-new school, moving up a year, or simply need to refresh a well-worn school shirt, we have a full range of school wear to suit you.

From blazers to book bags and emblems to crests, we embroider on a breadth of school wear, ensuring your child’s uniform is in-keeping with the school’s identity and professionalism. We’re proud to be an approved uniform supplier, with an enviable reputation in the local area.

We take bespoke orders and embroider with the utmost care and detail. So it’s no surprise that the end of summer is one of the busiest times of our year. Don’t leave it to the last minute: give us a call with your order today, and enjoy the school holidays knowing you’re already prepared.

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