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Why personalised school uniform is better than standard

Why personalised school uniform is better than standard

Every parent wants their child to look smart when they head off to school each morning – although sometimes they come home looking slightly different. They will leave the house with nice ironed uniform, clean faces and neat hair – looking lovely as they start their day. Nice looking uniform always makes your child stand out – and we believe it should also be personalised.

Clothing shops and supermarkets all do great school wear, but of course, these are unbranded and not personalised to your child’s school. Having personalised uniform with your school logo gives a sense of unity and pride towards the school – students should be proud to go to that school and having the school logo on their clothing will show that wherever they go.

It can also be an excellent safety method Рperfect for use on a school trip. The teachers will be able to identify their pupils immediately from their logo. Which means even if the worst happens, and your child gets split from the group, members of the public will be able to help them and contact the school just from identifying it from their uniform.

It reduces the chances of bullying. If all parents use the same suppliers to purchase their school uniform, all of the children will look the same, preventing forms of bullying that are aimed at clothing. Personalised uniforms are equalisers, they allow all children to match and look just as smart as one another. This will also improve the school’s image and help them look a smarter dressed facility.

Our personalised uniform is stitched with precision onto high quality, durable garments. Our tried and tested school uniform is made to last, look fantastic and keep your child comfy and protected. School Uniforms Yorkshire is out sister website, we are an approved supplier of strong, quality school uniforms to many of the schools in our local area. These range from fleeces and jackets to school bags and caps – all perfectly stitched with your school logo on. We also provide uniforms for many other local schools – so just get in touch with us and we will try our best to cater for your needs.

Bring the classroom together with beautiful matching personalised uniform – and have your child looking the top of the class.