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New career, new outfit!

New career, new outfit!

Thinking of having a career change? Maybe you want to go back into an industry you used to love, or even enter into a new one. Applying for jobs can often be tedious and boring, but when you eventually get an interview it all seems worth it! This can soon turn sour though if the interview doesn’t go well. Now we can’t tell you how to act or what to say in an interview but we can be your fashion guides on how to dress to impress!

First impressions are vitally important, apparently people will make a first impression of you within the first 30 seconds they meet you – in an interview situation how you are dressed and your appearance will influence this greatly. It is paramount that you look your best to leave that great first impression. But what makes a good interview outfit? We have compiled a list of what to and what not to wear –

What to wear: 

  • Blazer or smart jacket – classy and appropriate
  • Trousers or smart knee-length skirt – nothing too revealing!
  • Blouse or shirt – Keep it looking smart and corporate
  • Tie – a great one for the men! Makes you look more professional
  • Corporate dress – usually plainer, knee-length dresses look much smarter!

What NOT to wear:

  • Tracksuit bottoms or joggers – you’re going to an interview, not the gym!
  • Strappy tops, crop tops or low cut tops – can often be seen as inappropriate
  • Very short skirts – again not a very professional look!
  • Slogan shirts – keep it plain!
  • Jeans – not a deal breaker but trousers are more appropriate
  • NOTHING that shows too much flesh –  this could be tops, dresses, ripped jeans etc.

Of course, we understand all interview circumstances are very different, however, these rules can be applied to almost every industry. Luckily we have a range of corporate wear to get you interview ready!

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