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What makes a good logo?

Here at Five Star Embroidery we see a lot of logos.  More often than not our customers will come to us with their logo designs already in place – at the very least in their minds – but sometimes already in a format we can use. Either way we work with our customers to help them get the finish they want on their garment to best display their logo design.

So it is fair to say when you see a lot of logos you see some good ones and of course some bad ones!  As a general principle we think a good logo is simple, practical, distinctive and representative in conveying your company and message.  Sounds easy doesn’t it – here’s a bit more detail to help you review your company logo and confirm that it does what you want it to do?

Is it a simple logo?

Keeping your logo design simple will mean that it is easy to recognise and memorable whilst being effective in conveying your message or company brand.  The most simple logos can often be the most striking and easily identified, for example the Nike “tick” or the McDonalds “M”.

How practical is my logo?

Having a logo design that is practical means that it will work across a range of mediums and applications, meaning that it is versatile for your business and can be used wherever you need it without alternations.  It is good practice to have a logo that works vertically as well as horizontally.  Does your logo look as good printed one colour or black and white?  How does it look on a billboard or as comparison a postage stamp?

Does my logo represent my business?

By represent your business we don’t mean “say” what you do, for example a cake shop logo doesn’t necessarily need to be a picture of a cake – it just needs to be appropriate and distinctive so that people can identify with it.  For example, if you are an Accountancy practice or other professional service business then we would recommend a simple and elegant font is used with strong, dark colours, whereas if your business is a Children’s Nursery then a more childish font and fun colours would be more appropriate in portraying your business image and identity.

We hope this blog helps you understand a bit more of what you need to consider when designing your logo, Five Star Embroidery’s design team is always on hand to discuss your logo ideas and come up with either a brand new logo for your business or perhaps a logo re-vamp as your business grows.