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Looking after your printed garments

Bespoke printing provides your company uniform and accessories with a corporate look that portrays a professional image to your customers, suppliers and the general public. We use the very best high quality products to ensure our printing to tough enough to stand up to the most hardwearing of uses.  That said, there is plenty you can do to take care of your bespoke printed garments, extending their lifespan and giving them that “like new” look for longer.   In general, printed fabric has simple and straightforward washing care instructions, however here’s our tips to make sure your garments look great for longer.

Inside out

We recommend you turn your printed clothing inside out before putting in the washing machine.  By doing this you are helping to preserve the quality of the printed design, and helping to keep it brightly coloured and like new for longer.

No bleach products

Surely an obviously one, but as a reminder its worth saying that products containing bleach will affect the colours and quality of your printed garment.  Where possible we recommend no bleach!

Warm wash only!

If you can we would advise you not to wash your printed clothing in a washing machine programme over 40 degrees.  We’ve done various testing and find that if washing at over 40 degrees the quality of the printed design will deteriorate more quickly and the colours will fade.  For most, a 40 degree wash is more than adequate to clean your clothing, however sometimes a hot wash is the only way!  The tests we did found that whilst the quality of the print did deteriorate more quickly when in a hot wash, this was still over an extended period of time – so don’t worry too much but just be prepared that you may be replacing workwear more frequently than if you used a cooler wash cycle when possible.

Dry your clothing the old fashioned way

Another result from our testing of caring for your printed garments is the method you use to dry them.  We found the quality of the print and colours was significantly brighter and clearer for longer when the garment was dried on a washing line or clothes horse. We know Tumble Dryers are an essential, especially in the wet winter months when you are unlikely to get your clothes dry outside, but do bear in mind using a tumble dryer will affect your printed garments quality.

We hope this helps, if you need any more information on looking after your printed garments please get in touch.