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Should you invest in personalised workwear?

Should you invest in personalised workwear?

As a business large or small, if your employees and company representatives are customer facing then it is worth considering the benefits of having a uniform or personalised workwear for your company.  In many industries sectors uniforms and personalised workwear are becoming more and more commonplace, Five Star Embroidery & Design works with many companies to create a wardrobe for their workforce which is professional and suitable to the types of jobs the employees do.

It is an investment as a business that you must carefully consider, here is Five Star Embroidery’s most popular reasons when we have asked our customers why they have opted for a personalised range of workwear for their teams.

  1. Brand recognition

Choosing personalised workwear will make a difference to and have a positive impact on your company’s brand.  It will provide a professional impression and consistency for your customers in that they will recognise the uniform instantly as being you.  It can also aid new business development by enforcing your brand in the marketplace being more visible and a recognisable expert in your field.


  1. Strong customer relationships

Customer service is king, we are all human and it is human nature that we prefer to know who we are dealing with.  Simply by giving your customer facing staff a polo shirt or jacket with your company name and their first name clearly printed on it is a great way that you can help your staff create rapport and build stronger relationships with your customers.


  1. Staff morale

A happy and positive team will help your business grow and prosper.  As with any team by giving your staff a team uniform they will perform better as a team!  What could be a simpler way of having a happy workforce.  It also shows you are a considerate employer which is also a positive way to ensure your staff are happy and as committed to your business as you are.

  1. Safety

          In business sectors and industries where protective clothing is required or where a certain style of clothing with be more comfortable for the employee due to the nature of their work, a uniform is a great way to ensure your staff are safe and as productive as possible in their work. By providing a uniform you are able to make the decision of the correct clothing and ensure it is worn by everyone.

If we were to ask you if would like to have better brand recognition, create stronger customer relationships, good staff morale and a level of staff safety for your business, what would you say? I’m sure the answer would be Yes, which is why I’m sure you will agree with our customers that personalised workwear and uniforms offer excellent return on investment for businesses large and small.