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Half Term!

Half Term!

Half term is just around the corner, and the kids are all hyped up and excited (as are the parents I am sure!), but as you put the kids uniform away for 2 weeks, have you noticed it has become worn or tatty?

It’s been a whole 7 months since September, so it is no wonder your uniform may not be looking as pristine as when you bought it.  And I am sure the inevitable grow spurts have happened too, and those lovely trousers are now looking more like shorts! So why not start the final term with a fresh set of uniform?

There is 3 months left of school now, which is longer than you think – too long to be wearing bad uniforms! A fresh polo and clean fleece will have your children looking fantastic, and keep them comfy and cool during the summer months!

Here at Five Star Embroidery, we embroider school logos onto clothing as approved by your School or College.  Our range of school wear includes everything you will need such as blazers, dresses, polo shirts and also the necessary accessories such as book bags and gym sacks.

Five Star Embroidery is an approved partner of many Schools in the Yorkshire region, a list of these can be found on our website at  When you visit our website, don’t worry if your School isn’t listed, simply contact our Customer Services team on 01937 832579 and we will contact the School to discuss becoming an approved partner. It’s a simple process, we just need the logos and colours so we can ensure every item we stitch meets their guidelines ensuring the uniforms look consistent, smart, and can be worn with pride.

Look great all year round with 5 Star, and get your wardrobe revamped today!