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Calling all Fitness Fanatics

Calling all Fitness Fanatics

When it comes to new years resolutions, you can almost guarantee someone you ask will say they have joined the gym. All those delicious pigs and blankets and leftover turkey sandwiches have got the better of you and you now want to get fit and in shape. Gyms suddenly go from being a deserted no-mans land to a thriving boost of energy! More people attend gyms in January and February¬†than any other month, but all though everyone is pumped up and motivated at the start of the year, it seems to be inevitable that this momentum¬†doesn’t last. We have an idea that might allow you to stick to that fitness new years resolution – personalised gym wear!

Having good gym clothes is one of the most important aspects of great fitness. Gym clothes can be some of the comfiest but most motivating outfits you will wear, anytime you put on your gym wear and trainers it gets you in the mood to work out! So why not go one step further and get these gym items customised! We can print and embroider on to all sorts of gym and sportswear to keep you motivated and in the mood for a great workout. In the past, we have embroidered logos, sayings, motivational words etc. on to leggings, jumpers, sweat tops you name it! Possibly the most popular is embroidery/printing on a sports/gym bag. Never get your bag mixed up again with added customisation! Have a bit of individuality in the gym by having your own personalised gear! No better way to stand out from the crowd – hopefully your new customised kit will power you on to keep going and keep fit!

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