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Autumn Has Arrived

Autumn Has Arrived

What an amazing, hot summer we have had! June and July were certainly scorchers and that kind of heat is almost unheard of in England. However, its now time to say goodbye to summer, it’s heartbreaking we know, but say hello to our good friend Autumn! Although we do all love the sunshine, Autumn has is perks too, like bonfire night, Halloween, those cosy nights in! We know you have the holiday blues, but here is our list of Autumn essentials to hopefully take your mind off the warmer weather and getting you to embrace the Fall season!

Five Stars Autumn must-haves!

  • New slippers – Everyone loves a new pair of slippers, the comfort and cosiness of a brand new pair can be one of the best feelings. Imagine you have just come home from a hard day at work, an amazing new pair of slippers can be just the right comforter to relieve that stress!
  • Fluffy socks – The cliche Christmas gift of fluffy socks need to make an early appearance this year! Just like the new slippers, fluffy socks are one of the most comfortable items you can wear during the colder seasons! Nobody likes getting cold feet now do they?
  • Blanket / Throw – whats a cosy night in without a fluffy blanket? Get snuggled under a cosy blanket or throw and watch your worries and stresses fade away. Perfect for film nights… disclaimer, unintentional napping may occur!
  • A new coat – the weather is changing and so should your wardrobe. Sadly the cardigans may not keep you as toasty as you would like anymore, go and treat yourself to a new jacket or coat! Perfect for the autumn walks and bonfire night viewing.
  • Scarves – Whats a new coat without a new scarf? One of the most important Autumn / Winter essential! It’s not just a great way to keep you warm and cosy, but an excellent fashion statement, the right scarf can make any outfit stand out, its the perfect cold weather accessory.
  • A cup of hot chocolate – okay so this might not be clothing, but everyone loves a hot chocolate, especially on those rainy autumn days!

All of the above, except the hot choc of course, can be supplied and personalised by us at Five Star. Look no further than us for your Autumn / Winter clothing!

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