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April Showers

April Showers

Spring may have sprung but we certainly aren’t out of the woods when it comes to unpredictable¬†weather. No matter the season or month, you must always have an umbrella¬†at hand for those wonderful rainy days! April is famous for its showers, just when you think the weather is changing and summer is arriving those unexpected rain clouds come around.

We think it is vitally important to be equipt for all weather conditions, whether the sun is shining or there is a storm brewing. When it comes to protection from the rain, we have you covered (no pun intended). The most important thing to do when the rain hits is to keep dry – clothing to avoid in such weather is jumpers, cardigans, fleeces or anything else that will soak the water up instead of deflecting it. This is the benefit of waterproofs! Waterproof clothing will allow water to run off the material, meaning it does not soak in the drench you.

We have a wide range of waterproof clothing guaranteed to keep you dry even in the heaviest rainstorms! From jackets to trousers, we can protect you from head to toe. Our waterproof jackets not only protect you from the rain but they are ever so stylish and comfy, as well as compact! You will be free from the rain, while still looking fashionable and be comfortable – but even better you can keep the jacket in your bag without it taking up too much room! So you can keep dry on the go!

Go one step and get your waterproofs personalised! This is a great idea if your work uniform needs to be waterproof, we can embroider or print your company logo or name on to a variety of waterproof garments. Raise brand awareness even in the rainiest of weathers! These are ideal for jobs where your staff work outside a lot, maybe on-site jobs.

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