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All about jackets

 kids-varsity-jacket-embroidery (1)Five Star Embroidery & design offer a wide range of jackets for men, women and children. Picking the right jacket can be a tricky task, there are all sorts of things to consider; is it waterproof? Lightweight? Breathable? Our website and online catalogue aims to give you the answers to these questions so that you have all the information to select the jacket that meets your needs. Whether you are going to a festival where there’s likely to be lots of mud and rain or whether you are looking for something suitable for walking the dog or the kids to School.

Did you know…..
The definition of a jacket is a mid-stomach-length garment for the upper body, typically with sleeves and fastening to the front or side. Jackets are usually lighter and, tighter fitting and less insulated than a coat. The word “jacket” comes from the French word “jaquette”.

Waterproof jackets
Most of us want our jackets to be waterproof, especially if we plan on using it for outdoor pursuits, but did you know there is a range of different jackets with varying levels of protection against the elements? If you are looking for a jacket that is a good all rounder and suitable for the cold weather but lightweight enough for the summer months then you may like a three layer jacket, this type of jacket has a waterproof external layer, an inner waterproof layer and a breathable membrane. Each layer is bonded together to create a lightweight, warm and breathable jacket. Other waterproof jackets you might come across are the packaway
type, that you can pop in your pocket or handbag, which is great for the odd shower when caught out shopping, or a slightly more robust 2 layer jacket, which gives a little more protection from the weather and more breathable due to the second inner lining.

mens-embroidered-jacket (1)Insulated Jackets
For the winter or if you live in cold climates then you may find the waterproof jackets don’t provide you with the warmth you need, we would then recommend an insulated jacket, the insulation can vary depending on your needs and the levels of cold you are planning on being exposed to. The warmest being the “duvet” padding style or puffer jacket which give the most warmth to the wearer.

3 in 1 Jackets
A 3 in 1 jacket is an excellent cost efficient solution if you need a jacket that is suitable all year round whatever the weather. The 3 in 1 jacket gets its name from its 3 layers, in winter and when the weather is at its coldest, you have a waterproof and insulated jacket, when the spring and summer comes, you can detach the inner fleece to give a jacket suitable for a cool evening or early morning walk. Then finally the jacket can be worn as the outer layer only providing protection from a rain shower.
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