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5 Reasons to get Personalised

Five Star Embroidery and Design are high-quality embroiderers and printers of personalised and customised garments, clothing and accessories. We pride ourselves on our quality stitching and printing, all to the customised and personal requirements of our clients. We have many years experience in the industry, and we believe that getting your uniform, kits, garments and other embroidery personalised is the best way. Here are our top 5 reasons why customised printing is the way forward.

  1. A sense of unity – whether you are a workforce, sports team or school having matching customised uniforms are an excellent way to boost morale and bring a sense of unity within the group.
  2. Brand awareness – Wearing clothing with your company or team logo is a fantastic way to get your name and brand out there. People will be able to recognise where you are from just from your clothing, it could help generate business for your company.
  3. Highly professional – as well as a great sense of unity, it matching uniforms are greatly professional. Especially in the industries such as constructions and hospitality.
  4. Anti-Bullying – Personalised, matching uniforms in school is proven to reduce bullying rates in school. If all students are wearing the same personalised uniform, it will stop any risks of bullying due to clothing differences.
  5. Identifiable – Getting your uniform, clothing or accessories customised will help you identify your items immediately – reducing the chances of losing or mixing up your garments. A great example of this is towels – personalised towels will be easy to keep a track of when on holiday.

We offer a wide range of bespoke office wear, embroidered with your logo. Talk to us today about personalising your company’s products and clothing.