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Which hat?

Five Star Embroidery has a wide selection of hats which can be personalised to suit your needs, whether you need one hat for walking the dog or for a whole football team to keep them warm in the cold winter months. Depending on your use it is important to choose the right hat to suit the weather and climate circumstances you will be wearing it in.  Our hats are so varied we recommend you think carefully about this, the Five Star Embroidery Hat range includes a fleeced Beanie, Cap, Summit Hat, Everest Cap, Bucket Hat, Sherpa Hat and Pom Pom Beanie to name but a few!

We also offer a range of fabrics and details which will have an effect on the comfort you experience when you are wearing it, for example is it insulated? breatheable? and how durable is it?  These are important questions to ask yourself when choosing your hat.

The Five Star Embroidery website includes all the information you need about the style, design and fabrics used, but as a general guide here’s our tips on choosing your hat:

  • For the winter months or cold weather look for hats with fabrics including Wool, Thick Cotton Canvas, Leather and Knit Acrylic & Fleece and Fleece Blends
  • Styles and details that will help keep you warm include: Earflaps, Inner Lining, Insulation and Water-Resistant (Snow and Winter Precipitation)
  • For warmer weather and the summer great fabrics to keep you cool are Cotton, Straw, Polyester and Linen
  • Details to watch out for in a summer hat are UPF Sun Protection, a Wide Brim, Ventilation and Ventilation Holes, Sweat-Wicking Inner Bands and Water-Resistant (Rain and Light Showers)

Hat etiquette – what you need to know!

Hat etiquette has of course evolved over the years, here at Five Star Embroidery we think these are good basics to follow:

Leave your hat on:

  • When you are outside
  • At a sports event
  • In public buildings like post offices, airports, or hotels
  • On public transportation
  • In elevators

Take your hat off:

  • When you are sitting down to eat a meal
  • In a house of worship unless required by religion
  • Public buildings or offices
  • In restaurants and cafes

Most of all enjoy wearing your headgear. And don’t forget for a truly original hat, Five Star Embroidery can print or embroider a designer for your hat that is unique!