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Summer Term, Summer Uniform

Summer Term, Summer Uniform

As we enter summer the weather is getting warmer, the nights are getting lighter and the school summer holidays are fast approaching. Although we have only just entered May, we are officially¬†in the final term of the school year. It doesn’t seem 2 minutes since we were taking those first day of school photos back in September, but here we are just weeks away from the 6 week holiday.¬† Time to pack away those school jumpers and coats and get out the summer dresses and shorts.

As the weather picks up, it’s important to keep your children cool in the classroom with a more suitable summer uniform. If your child gets too warm they can often get a little agitated and distracted, this may affect their behaviour and concentration meaning their school work could suffer. So it is vital your kids are dressed appropriately so that they don’t overheat… and become overhyper!

Well we at Five Star are here to keep your kids feeling and looking cool! We have a range of summer uniform, that is smart, durable and comfy. From shorts and skirts to sun hats, we can protect your child this summer. All of our clothing can match your school’s colours, embroidered or printed with the school logo. So they are still representing the school, but in a much more suitable fashion. Say goodbye to the thick winter fleeces and hello to the breezy summer cardigans, as we say farewell to another school year.

The great thing about our uniform is it is very durable! So even if you buy it now in the summer term, it will be usable for the September Autumn term too, just before the weather changes. Get summer ready with Five Star and School Uniforms Yorkshire.