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Resolutions for your Wardrobe this New Year

Resolutions for your Wardrobe this New Year

Each New Year comes with plans of fresh starts and resolutions to live our lives differently. Some will commit to joining the gym, others learning a new skill and some of us to clean our wardrobes out more regularly. If the latter is on your list of New Year’s Resolutions read our tips to clearing our your wardrobe.

Have a clear out

A great start to your new wardrobe is to start with going through your whole wardrobe, regardless of the season sort through everything. It’s a great feeling to have an organised wardrobe and who knows what you will find!  Be ruthless too, if you haven’t worn it, either commit that you will or get rid. Sort into three piles, keep, donate and bin.  If you cant imagine you will wear it again, don’t keep it.

Turn your unwanted clothes into cash

If you have clothes in your wardrobe that are either brand new or nearly new why not consider selling them.  There are many resale stores which will buy nearly new items, you can also sell at a car boot sale or via social media groups and selling pages. Selling your unwanted items will give you some extra cash to invest in your new wardrobe, but don’t forget to thoroughly check your pockets first!

New wardrobe planning

Now that you have had a sort out of your existing wardrobe it’s time to think about your new wardrobe for the new year. Have a look through your newly organised wardrobe and make a list of essential pieces that you need, this is a great way of styling your outfits more easily.  Things like a black skirt, pair of good jeans, little black dress, fitted jacket and so on are good pieces that are essentials to every wardrobe.  Research current trends for the coming year and make some investments in pieces you like.

Shop smarter

When you go out shopping take your list of ideas and essentials you are looking for. If you are shopping to a tight budget start with charity or resale stores which may have bargains that suit your needs. Always ask yourself whether the item of clothing is right for you. Is this something you will wear often? Can you wear it in different social settings? Will it work in the different seasons of the year?

The Five Star Embroidery team would like to wish you a very Happy New Year – we hope you enjoyed our blog and are inspired about your wardrobe for 2017.