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Polo shirt or round neck shirts – Which is best?

Polo shirt or round neck shirts – Which is best?

As a company you may have considered this question before when deciding on the most appropriate item of clothing for your employees.  There are endless designs and styles to consider when choosing personalised workwear to suit your business image and of course the practicality of finding clothing that is comfortable and suitable for the work of your team.

Here at Five Star Embroidery and Design our customers will ask us “Is there really a difference between choosing polo shirts and round neck shirts?”

Well here’s our opinion for what it’s worth.  Other than a polo shirt having a collar and buttons and a t-shirt a simple round neck the physical differences really end there.  But as a business the different styles say very different things about your company and the image you portray.

The material and design of both offer the wearer comfort and freedom of movement which is very beneficial especially in active or physical work. However the addition of the collar to the polo shirt gives a far more professional image that cannot be achieved by a round necked t-shirt.

When you then add to your workwear your company logo or slogan, employee name and perhaps some of your products & services or company values, a simple polo shirt is transformed into a uniform that represents your business in a positive and professional way.

Of course the nature of your business may mean the more casual and relaxed style and design of a round necked t-shirt fits the bill more than a polo shirt.  We find that this design is preferred by companies such as gyms and leisure clubs and some nursery & school settings.

But for the vast majority of businesses both large and small a polo shirt design is perfect to provide a smart uniform for the employees which gives a professional impression and the comfort they need to do their job.

Russell Ladies Personalised T-ShirtThe Polo Shirt is available in a range of styles offering a slim fit or more regular shape, the shirt can also vary for men and women, women’s designs can offer a tapered shape to flatter the female form or shorter capped sleeves.  The jersey or cotton fabrics mean that they are low maintenance and can be cared for easily with simple washing instructions, and the fabric also means they are less likely to crease.

Personalising the Polo Shirt is a simple process for the team here at Five Star Embroidery, you have a number of design options to choose from which can offer something a little different from the usual breast pocket design.  Whilst the breast pocket logo is a great way to display your company logo and perhaps the name of your company representative we would recommend considering further design & personalisation such as including your company values or business services.

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