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Last Minute Uniform Rush

Last Minute Uniform Rush

So you’re back from your holiday and can you believe it? It’s less than two weeks until the kids go back to school! Have you been putting off buying your child’s uniform? Maybe they have had a sudden growth spurt and those nicely fitted clothes they had back in July now look more like shorts than trousers.

You’re probably even panicking about getting the correct sizes, colours and uniform at the last minute. Don’t threat; Five Star is here to help.

Unlike most supermarkets, we always have a large stock of various school uniforms. From t-shirts and polos to trousers and bags, we have got you covered. We offer reasonable prices which are affordable for parents.


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At Five Star, we can cater for the majority of your child’s uniform, and we can even embroider your school logo on for that personal touch. Our aim is to provide customers with the highest level of service, which is why we only produce quality school uniforms fit for purpose and comfort.


We aim to deliver your order within 5-7 working days, so we can seek to have the uniform ready before the first day back at school. We will keep you updated with the process of your order, advise when it despatches and when you can expect it.

We regularly restock our clothing, so we can almost guarantee that you will get your garments in time without any hassle. Our high-quality manufacturers and suppliers provide us with durable, comfy and attractive clothing which stand the test of time, and put up a great fight against the washing machine and even the messiest of children.

Have a look at our school uniform website and contact us to see how we can help you prepare for the new school year with the perfect uniform.