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Guidelines for your artwork

Guidelines for your artwork

Here at Five Star Embroidery we work hard to ensure your print or stitched garments look as good as possible.  Here are some key points to remember about your logo or design to ensure your artwork looks great and as you want it to on your item of clothing or accessory.

Size matters

There are some limitations on the size of the area we can print or embroider on, so this is definitely worth bearing in mind when considering the logo or design you would like to add to personalise your item of clothing or accessory.  The maximum width we can embroider to is 25cm and for print it is 30cm.  We will scale your artwork accordingly for the height of your design.


Depending on the item of clothing or accessory you choose, the positions we can print or enbroider on vary a great deal.  There are a wide range of positions which can be personalised for all our garments. We will advise you on these positions when you place an order with us and discuss the best option for your needs. Typically positions include like left or right chest, full width across the front chest, left or right sleeve, full width across the top of the back.

Sending your design or logo to us

When you place an order with Five Star Embroidery we will ask you send to your logo or design to us by email at, you can also upload your artwork when you will in our “Quick Quote” form on our website  We accept a wide range of image types including: jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp, eps, pdf, png, tiff, tif. The maximum size file you can upload per logo is 2mb.

Artwork quality

It is important to send us a high quality version of your logo or design to ensure you get the best results and finish for your garment.  As a general rule we ask for artwork files to be 300 DPI or higher to ensure a clear and professional finish.

Still not sure?

Don’t worry, this might be new to you and we are here to help and guide you.  Please call the Five Star Embroidery Customer Services Team on 01937 832 579 and we will discuss your requirements and talk you through what you need to do as regards to providing us with the artwork you need for your personalised clothing or garments to ensure a fantastic high quality finish.