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Goodbye summer holidays… Hello September!

Goodbye summer holidays… Hello September!

Here they come, the holiday blues! Summer is almost over, we just have a few weeks left of the wonderful weather before we start getting out the scarves and hats again! Unfortunately, we are now unpacking our holiday suitcases for another year and ready to go back to work! What is the worst part of returning from the summer holidays we ask? Is it…

  • The kids being back at school? Although this could be a blessing in disguise, it is always a mad rush on uniforms before the September term!
  • The morning tantrums where they don’t want to leave their beds? We’ve all been there!
  • The constant battles of them refusing to get their shoes on?
  • Or is it the constant crying of your bank account after buying all new school uniform/ pe kit for your beautiful angel to return home without it after their first PE lesson?
  • All of the above.. in which case we recommend a large glass of wine and some earplugs!

If you answered yes to number four, why not come to Five Star! We can offer the uniform essentials such as t-shirts, fleeces, trousers, dresses, polos, and even personalise them with your child’s name, ensuring no more after-school trips to lost property!

We offer reasonable prices which are affordable for parents. We can cater for the majority of your child’s uniform needs.

Let’s take the stress away from school uniform buying and allow us to do the work – contact us to find out more.