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Embroidery vs. Print

Personal and customised garments and clothing really set you apart from the crowd, they show your individuality, give you a professional look and are great for brand awareness. Customised clothing can also be the perfect present, as said in our previous blog – they are a great original gift idea. There are 2 ways which we can customise your garments, printing and embroidery. One of the main question is, what is the difference? Both are good in their own rights but when would I choose embroidery and when would I choose print?


Print is the budget option, it is cheaper to produce and can be done quicker than embroidery. It is a viable¬†option for people who are wanting to reduce costs or want the products quickly. It is also more suitable for one-off or short-term jobs – for example, t-shirts made for hen do’s, stags or small events. Although still robust, they aren’t as long-lasting as embroidered garments and excess washing can allow the print to peel. Printing is a quality option but not one that is meant long term. Printing is great for wording, if you are wanting a T-shirt that says ‘World’s Greatest Dad’ for example, you would get this printed not embroidered. Printing is more the comedy / economical option – work uniforms are usually are embroidered for that more professional look. If you have a very complex logo, printing may also be a better choice. Even though our high-skilled stitching is done with precision, more complicated designs may not look as good as the originals.


The more professional looking option, which is it why it is the option of choice for most businesses for their work uniforms. They are the logo term options Рstitching will last longer than printing will. Pirning can often fade or peel after a lot of washing/ironing Рhowever, the stitching will stay the same as when you received it. For logos and work wear, choose embroidery!