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Customised Christmas

Customised Christmas

Hello, Autumn! Winter is just around the corner, and that means so is Christmas, in fact, it is just 12 weeks until the big day! Whether you count down the days until Christmas or you are a festive Scrooge, we can guarantee you are still snowed under with presents to buy for your loved ones. The obligatory Lynxs set and sock for dad are getting a little boring now and finding a gift for mum is almost impossible! This year get something different, something they will love, something personalised – all done with us at Five Star! The perfect present can be just a few clicks away, let us help you make Christmas extra special!

What can we personalise? In short – almost anything. We have embroidered and printed on an endless variety of garments, clothing, accessories, footwear you name it! Does someone you know have a hobby? We can personalise a number of bags, rucksacks, golf bags, boot bags you name it to liven up your boring accessories. For anyone who is into horse riding, we can personalise horse riding coats, so your pony looks personalised and pretty. We can personalise jumpers, t-shirts, cardigans – you name it, to give that extra added touch to the perfect gift. If dad owns his own business why not get his logo stitched with precision to a brand new jumper or hat! If your brother is a footballer, why not get his name or favourite team embroidered onto a pair of boots? Is there a new born in the family? Our baby’s first Christmas baby grows and bibs are a present to be treasured for many years to come!

There are endless ideas and options for the perfect original gift idea! Get in touch with us today, our team are always happy to share our expert advice!