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Comfort & Style – The Personalised Polo

The simple Polo Shirt is widely adopted by businesses, large and small, as being the ideal work attire for employees in some business industries, in particular retail, catering and engineering, where the need for clothing to be comfortable and allow good freedom of movement for the wearer to be of paraess is easily identifiable for customers and suppliers on meeting a company representative.

Interestingly, but perhaps not surprisingly, the Polo Shirt first became known in the 1920s by tennis players. Up to this point tennis players wore “tennis whites” usually consisting of long sleeved white button up shirts which were quite stiff and uncomfortable preventing ease of movement on the tennis court. Breaking the norm, French Tennis Champion Rene Lacoste, designed and wore a short sleeved, loosely-knit cotton shirt, which then evolved from there to be the Polo Shirt that we know today, and of course for Lacoste with the familiar Crocodile logo embroidered on the left breast.

Polo-Shirt-EmbroideryThe easy wear, easy fit, design that we take for granted today offered tennis players great benefits that were seen then as a revolution, short sleeves, soft collar, pique collar to turn up to protect from the sun and of course the breathable cotton fabric, giving a long lasting and comfortable garment.

The reasons above for the tennis players back in the 1920s are not dissimilar as to why the Polo Shirt is such a popular item of clothing and chosen by businesses around the world for their work uniforms today. A contented workforce can often mean a comfortable and flattering uniform that they don’t have a problem with wearing every day.

The Polo Shirt is available in a range of styles offering a slim fit or more regular shape, the shirt can also vary for men and women, women’s designs can offer a tapered shape to flatter the female form or shorter capped sleeves. The jersey or cotton fabrics mean that they are low maintenance and can be cared for easily with simple washing instructions, and the fabric also means they are less likely to crease.

Personalising the Polo Shirt is a simple process for the team here at Five Star Embroidery, you have a number of design options to choose from which can offer something a little different from the usual breast pocket design. Whilst the breast pocket logo is a great way to display your company logo and perhaps the name of your company representative we would recommend considering further design & personalisation such as including your company values or business services.

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