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Class of 2017 – Leavers Hoodies

The final few months of your last year of school is certainly a momentous occasion. While some students will be looking forward to the next chapter in their lives, whether that be college or work, there will be some that may still be undecided on what to do next. But one thing that is for certain, you will miss school (honestly) after all they are the best years of your life!

Why not commemorate your leaving school with one of our fantastic leavers hoodies. The class of 2017 will soon come to an end, and along with all the memories you have made at school, these leavers hoodies will be a fantastic reminder of your school days.

Many of the students will have been with you since their first secondary school days. You’ll have spent the last seven years of your lives attending school, and moving on can be both an exciting and emotional time. Get them alongside your fellow students and friends.

Personalised jumpers, T-shirts and hoodies are increasingly popular for students leaving schools. They allow them to celebrate your time at school, remember friends, and even strengthen their home-town identity when arriving at university. It gives the students a strong sense of unity, connecting them together as the school’s ‘Class of 2017′.