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Christmas is Coming!

Christmas is Coming!

The countdown is on… with 1 month until from Christmas we sure all know how stressful this time of the year can be! However, Christmas by far is the most amazing time of the year especially for the little ones. It is a truly magical experience.  Here at Five Star we try to put the fun into Christmas shopping and make thinking about those Christmas gifts a little easier as well as something different. Sometimes trying to make Christmas fun for the children can be quite tough as we want all our children to feel the festive spirt when it comes to Christmas morning.

At Five Star they offer personalised bags, however they have now begun to produce personalised ‘Santa Sacks’, this is a brilliant way for presents to be stored and a great way to not get presents mixed up.  Stocking have been a Christmas essential for a numerous of years now and almost every household uses them either for presents or for decoration – why not get a personalised one this year? At five Star they can customise the Santa Sacks and stocking for the perfect magical feel. This idea is brilliant as you can get names embraided onto the sack or even a message, this gives illusion to a child that the message has come from himself Farther Christmas, this will sure excite the children on that special morning. Also, this is great if you have a large family, as they can easily see which bag and presents belong to them just by looking at the name.

The bags are the perfect replacement of those plastic 5p ones. They are secure, stylish and ideal to hide away them presents. Bottle bags are also a great replacement for the paper bags, you can also get these customised with names or a message too!

These stockings and bags are a gift in them self and something that they can be keep for many years to come – to be reused. They are a great keepsake as well, remembering your childhood Christmas’s. These are sure going to be the perfect gift!