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We embroider onto a wide range of fabrics for a variety of purposes. Make your business instantly identifiable with embroidered clothing.

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Your choice Stitch or Print

There are a range of options when considering customising your item of clothing or accessory, your chosen method will probably be dependant on the type and length of use. As a general rule the most common options are embroidery and print.

If you are a business and want to make your business instantly identifiable with a bespoke item of clothing then we would usually recommend an embroidered design, as this will give a longer lasting finish and generally a more professional look. For short term use such as a themed event or party celebration, perhaps novelty t-shirts then a printed finish may provide a better solution giving a professional look which can be achieved quickly and can meet any budget constraints you may have.

At Five Star Embroidery we are able to personalise most fabric products to suit your needs from school uniforms, sportswear to laptop bags and horse blankets. We will take a brief from you to understand your expectations of what the item should look like before working with you on the design. If you have a logo or design already then this is great, otherwise our expert team can create something to meet your needs.
To be clear, embroidery means, simply put is, to decorate the fabric using a needle and thread, whereas print, and usually screen print, involves making a stencil of your design which is imposed on a screen with blank areas coated with ink, when pressed to the fabric leaving your design on your t-shirt or other garment.

The embroidery option gives a nicer finish, and can be a more professional and elegant technique when comparing to printing. The stitched option will also stand out more on your garment, as the logo will appear to be three dimensional, this is due to the embroidery thread being quite thick and standing off the fabric.

Printed designs can be more colourful and complex, creating a look that cannot be done using embroidery, but will remain one dimensional and flat to the fabric.

Both methods, printing and embroidery, have their place in customising your item, we will discuss with you your requirements and give you the information you need regarding cost, timescales and design for both the printed and embroidered options to create your bespoke garments.
To discuss your requirements and arrange a no obligation quotation please contact a member of our team today.